Fajãzinha hamlet in Flores Island
View of Horta city
Old clock tower in Horta city, Faial
Charity church in Angra do Heroismo
Flores island coastline landscape
In Faila island, in the Azores, Capelinhos volcano erupted in the 50's living the area covered in ash
Pico island coastline
Flores island coastline landscape
Furnas lagoon seen from the top of the surrounding mountains
Pink sky over the Atlantic Ocean by a lighthouse in Sao Miguel island
Furnas lagoon seen from the shore
Fogo Lagoon in Sao MIguel island
Tree leafless trees by a road bend
São Miguel island landscape
Flores island coastline landscape
Rainbow over the sea
Cooking food in Furnas geothermal ground below the mountains green
View to Corvo island
Poço da Alagoinha lagoon and waterfall
Sao Miguel island green landscape and coastline
Road between green fields below the Pico mountain
São Miguel island green land and blue sea landscape
Seven Cities lagoon between the bushes
Rocky formation in Flores island mountains
Traditional windmill of Pico island
Warm water pool inside the Atlantic Ocean in Ferraria point, Sao Miguel island
Pico mountain view from Faial island, Azores
Fanais da Luz village on top of the cliffs in Sao Miguel island
Capelinhos volcano in Faial island
Faial island aerial view
Gorreana tea plantation in São Miguel island, the only tea plantation of Europe
People walking along the path round Furnas geothermal place
Cow with tong out seen from bellow
Seven Cities lagoon
Green fields in Pico island
The green valley of Furnas
Ferraria point in Sao Miguel island at sunset
Terra Nostra Park plants reflected in the river
Horta city marina, Faial island, Azores
Lighthouse in Flores island, The Azores
Kayaks in Furnas lagoon shore
Horta city marina, Faial island, Azores
Woman hand milking cows by the sea
Cooking food in Furnas geothermal ground
Iron colored geothermal pool of Terra Nostra Park in Furnas
Santa Cruz das Flores church facade
Parque Natural Ribeira dos Caldeirões water mill
Traditional windmill from Pico island

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